The Issues

As parents and siblings of individuals with special needs, no matter what their age, we advocate and care for our loved one’s needs for their lifetime. We know, however, that there will come a time that we will no longer be able to continue to do so.  Special needs planning can help insure their future.


The two fundamental issues facing us are: who will care for my child when I am gone and how do I insure their quality of life?  Other considerations are:

  1. What do I need to consider when planning for my child with special needs?
  2. Will my loved one with a developmental disability, a mental health issue or a physical disability be able to fully care for themselves for their lifetime?
  3. Who will care for him/her when you are gone?
  4. Can my loved one make healthcare and financial decisions for themselves?
  5. How do I insure quality of life and financial security for my loved one’s lifetime?